26 Nov 2022

Romanian Music Export is the first Romanian program originated from the entrepreneurial area to assume ​​music promotion and export at European level. It was presented for the first time at the second edition of EEMC, on July 26, 2018, when producers, booking agents, promoters and cultural operators from Romania and Europe attended a show with five Romanian bands, whose selection was made after a prior registration on the platform built especially for this program. Any band from Romania could register, provided that the registered songs were original creations. The selection was made in two stages, the pre-selection being made locally, while the final selection of the five bands had an international jury.

The Romanian Music Export was developed as a promotional program in finding and supporting Romanian artists and helping them grow their national and international careers. RME provides a stage for developing talent and aims to be a platform that brings together young artists, music industry professionals, festival directors and audiences. RME believes in discovering new talents and in the power of music.

The 2021 online edition is essential in making the 2021 offiline edition possible, due to the unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus pandemic that forced the cancellation, postponement or reorientation of all cultural events and activities online. The RME digital platform is created for Romanian artists, especially those on the rise, in vital need of guidance during this period without concerts and payments, and for partners to discuss possible solutions for rebuilding their careers in the near future.

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