Freelance writer – Metal Hammer DE

Gunnar Sauermann is best known in the music scene as a freelance writer for the German edition of Metal Hammer since 2001. His focus has been on Scandinavian bands but also on acts from Romania and the UK. Gunnar Sauermann joined Season of Mist in 2008 and worked 8 years from France and 2 more from the Netherlands as head of promotion for the renowned label. In 2018 Gunnar Sauermann took on a post in Hamburg as senior press officer for the Wacken Open Air, the biggest metal festival worldwide. Two years later, he returned to promotion, heading the department of the acclaimed German label Prophecy Productions.

In another life, the German studied Iron Age and Early Medieval Archaeology and linguistics with a focus on Celtic and Germanic languages in Marburg and Dublin, where he received the Diploma of Early Irish Language and Literature. When the German is not found at work or reporting from studios and festivals all over Europe and beyond, he can often be seen fishing.