Bulgarian born, lives and works in Linz, Austria | BA & MA in Fine Arts, Painting Department, The National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2001 | MA, Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität, Linz, 2012.

Mihaela Kavdanska works as an intermedia artist & researcher, creative director, curator, cultural
manager, public speaker, producer of exhibitions & festivals.

In the last 20 years of artistic activity, Mihaela Kavdanska has been working on personal and
interdisciplinary collaborative projects, exhibited and performed in different galleries, museums,
festivals and public spaces around Europe, United States & Asia.
Mihaela Kavdanska creates live experience and process based art works, where the constant
exchange of perspectives plays an important role. As visual artist, she’s been interested in renewing
artistic language and mastering both traditional and new means since late ’90. She’s been working
in the field of painting, photography, video art, VJ-ing, interactive installations and intermedia
performative experiences in the realm of contemporary dance and theatre, based on stage

Mihaela Kavdanska is co-founder and creative director of KOTKI visuals, an art & technology studio
founded in 2006 in Bucharest, based in Bucharest and Linz. The studio is among the first to
implement new technologies in performing arts, live communication, advertising and cultural
events in Eastern Europe.
Mihaela Kavdanska is initiator, co-founder & artistic director of AVmotional Platform.
Founded in 2004, this is one of the most articulated hypostases of contemporary urban
culture in Romania. AVmotional Platform presents and promotes outstanding media artists and
productions in the field of Audio-visual, Media, Performing and Interactive Art.
In it’s 12 years of activities, more than 60 events have been realised with the participation of over
100 invited artists from Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia,
Bulgaria, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, The Netherlands, Australia, United
States, Japan and Indonesia.