Founder – CEO /Wide Days, Scotland

Olaf Furniss is the founder of Born To Be Wide, which organizes Scotland’s key music industry events including the award-winning Wide Days convention in Edinburgh, the Born To Be Wide seminar/social evenings and Off The Record youth events for 16-25 years old who want to work in music.

In 2016 he founded the Music Tourist consultancy which hosted the world’s first summit to bring together the music and tourism sector, and has worked with a range of public agencies in both Europe and Australia.

In addition to his own companies, he was also programmed and moderated conference sessions for international events including Bylarm, Popkomm/Berlin Music Week, Reeperbahn Festival and Sonic Visions.
Olaf started out as a journalist and has written for titles including Billboard, Music Week, IQ, The Scotsman and The Guardian, as well as appearing on Radio Scotland and the World Service.